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ZORA Comes for Capitalism With “RUNNITUP”- Review

Written by Brandon George

In immensely exciting recent news, Minneapolis rapper and producer ZORA has signed to Get Better Records and announced a new album coming late May with a brand new single, “RUNNITUP.”

It’s a two minute long banger that forcibly demands an answer to the question countless people have had on their minds to the US government in these past two years: Where the hell is my twelve hundred dollars?

This is the absolute best kind of explosive, unyielding song. Pounding, reverberating bass and a rapidly clipped vocal sample signal the song’s ferocious energy and lead into the first of the song’s incendiary verses.

When the track cuts into the second verse from LA songwriter and producer Myia Thornton, the duo demonstrate a deep understanding of the nuance of arranging. When the instrumentation pulls back, Thornton’s flow is acerbic, dancing in between the beats, flipping over triplets.

When the bass returns full-power, Thornton’s flow responds, transforming into a slower, heavier pattern to highlight the shift in the song’s composition.

With “RUNNITUP,” ZORA and Thornton are taking tried and true turns of phrase and twisting them to aim at the duplicitous and manipulative nature of Capitalism. Dropping lines like, “Gimme the cash, that's/30, 40, 50, you gotta/redo tha math,” and “If you funny wit my money i ain’t fucking with you/I’m not playing with you dummy you know my rent is due, damn!” the two make clear they’re fed up, and they’re not taking any shit anymore.

“RUNNITUP” is out now on all your preferred streaming platforms and her new album, "Z1" is out via Get Better Records on May 20th. You can follow Zora @Zoradotcom. Let us know what you thought of this track by tweeting us @lgndsoftmrw.

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