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Review: Mega Mango Release Nostalgia-Filled Single "Sheets"

Written by Faith Logue

Mega Mango is a four-piece indie rock band from Philadelphia, consisting of vocalist Crow Costello, guitarist and producer Alex Spagnolia, super fan-turned-drummer Sam Poll, and bassist Niko Jones.

They are redefining the indie scene with their “phruitcore” tunes, utilizing more extensive bass lines and warmer tones. Recently the group released their EP "Fun and Games", marking a bittersweet departure from the group’s youth. Their newest single “Sheets,” which debuted May 2, brings the group back to their indie rock roots but reflects on the feelings of growing up and moving away from their beginnings.

The song begins very slowly, sounding like it will be an acoustic track, featuring Crow Costello’s unique higher-pitched vocals and spunky lyricism, as they sing “Grab the matchbox / light a cigarette / Try to rearrange the alphabet / U and I will B OK, you'll C.” The song continues, painting a picture of a nostalgic feeling they are trying to convey, remembering things that happened to them in the past.

There is a brighter tone as more instruments are introduced, including an inviting guitar, killer drums, and overlapping vocals as they sing “We stayed at that old hotel on Main Street / On the roadside, just up past the creek / You washed away your makeup and you crawled under the sheets.” The listener is almost engulfed in this nostalgia and can’t help but sway back and forth as the song continues.

Continuing with the more upbeat tone, “Sheets” brings the listener further along this journey as Costello sings “You hear the water and you pull me by the hand/You look down and laugh and say, ‘You hate the sand.’” As it progresses further, there is more emotion poured into each lyric, emphasizing the maturation the band is going through as they navigate life through and after college.

After the second repetition of the chorus, there is a prominent guitar solo that is so beautifully done it almost brings tears to my eyes. It ties the song together in a way by strategically flowing the song together, like the creek they sang about in the chorus, rough and fast then slow and melodic.

The bridge following the solo is faster and full of emotion as Costello sings “I could try to run/But there's nowhere I'd rather be/You're the only one.” They don’t want anybody else except the person they shared all these great memories with, and they pour all this extra emotion at the end, utilizing a wider vocal range, collapsing down on itself at the very end of the track.

“Sheets” by Mega Mango is a strong addition to their already impressive discography. It is strong and unique, going through different motions of acoustic and slow melodies, eventually picking up the pace, and taking the listener on a journey. This song is a perfect addition to your summer indie playlist.

Mega Mango can be found on all streaming services and social media under @megamangoband. You can support them by checking out their tour dates or buying merch here.

Let us know your thoughts on the new single by tweeting us @lgndsoftmrw!


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