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'Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.'- Hunny Review

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Written by: Jayme Stewart

The Californian band Hunny recently released their album ‘Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.’ and it made fans say exactly that.

The album features eight songs, running about 21 minutes which is a bit on the shorter side- but the songs are impressive enough that it doesn’t matter all that much. 

The first track on the album is Lula, I’m Not Mad- which they had previously released as a single in April. Having had sat with the track for a few months, it would be expected for the track to not be a stand out from the album for long time listeners- but it still delivers. It is the kind of song that simply doesn’t get old, and many people will find joy in. 

The second track is Change Ur Mind, which is another amazing song. It has an extremely catchy sound paired with amazing lyrics and makes for an overall banger of a song. Two tracks in and the album is already extremely impressive.

The next track is A Slow Death In Pacific Standard Time, which is a favorite of mine from the album. It is a stand out song, pairing a faster tempo with well written lyrics- it is very much so a song of the summer.

The fourth track is titled Saturday Night. This song is a bit slower at parts, but it still delivers an impact. As always, the lyrics deliver and make the listeners connect to the songs. This song has the potential to be a favorite of the album as well, the chorus is extremely catchy and seems like a song a lot of people would enjoy. This song was also released as a single and I think they made a good choice choosing to make it a single prior to the album being released. 

The fifth track on the album is Smarter Ways of Saying it, which delivers sad lyrics that many will be able to relate to. The song is very emotional but still has a catchy sound and follows their rock and roll pop sound in a unique way.

The sixth track is Everything Means Everything Everything Meant Everything, which is another stand out track from the album. The instrumentals carry a very rock and roll but laid back vibe, and the lyrics are very catchy. Listeners will be able to vibe with this song a lot, and placing it on the album after Smarter Ways of Saying it helps tell a bit of a story. 

The next track is titled Ritalin. This song delivers a punch with emotional lyrics paired with a catchy chorus and tempo. This song seems extremely fitting for the summer, they made a very smart choice by releasing it when they did. Again, the lyrics are impressive as they are able to make well written songs and still make them catchy and possibly radio friendly. 

The last track is titled Halloween, which was also released as a single prior to the album release. Out of the three singles, this one is the stand out. The song is catchy, and the theme of Halloween is a unique one that a lot of people will enjoy. This was a great song for them to end the album on, it carries an energetic vibe that wraps up the energy of the album and carries a message. 

Overall, this album is amazing. The sound is unique and powerful- and a lot of people are able to enjoy their genre. It’s not too rock or too pop, they found a nice in between and made it their own thing, which is something the music industry should be celebrating. 

This is the album of the summer, it has a nice summer sound and them releasing it in July was a very smart move. The album is extremely well thought out with the layout of the tracks, closing with Halloween was a very smart move and listeners will feel like they go on a journey when they listen to the album. 

Their music has a sound that transports listeners, it reminds you of summer and happiness, it has such a joyful sound that even songs with sadder meanings and lyrics don’t feel like a drag at all, which a lot of listeners can vibe with. 

Hunny is still a smaller band, but after this album  more people will start to follow them and hear them- it has such a big impact on listeners. Everyone should be looking forward to what all they’ll do next, it can only get better from here. Check out the record here:

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