"Welcome To The Fight- Reissue"- Havoc Fiction Review

Written by: Julie Vega

You don’t see many bands incorporating a solid theme into their music. Havoc Factionnot only managed to incorporate a theme, but also explore their musical talent. The reissue of their EP“Welcome To The Fight” tells the story of Backdraft. The story has the same quality of a DC comic with its themes of conflicts, perseverance, and standing up for your beliefs. Havoc Faction gave a comic book like story in their EP while also managing to evolve in their sound. 

The first track, Welcome to the Fight, introduces the listener to a loud and pumped up anthem. Welcome to the Fight sets the tune for the rest of the EP as it plays out. The track has a great transition between unclean and clean vocals. The same can be said for the next track, Dark Passenger. The built up to the vocalist’s voice adds tension and passion to the track. The passion is also added by the unclean vocals, which,again, worked well musically. The verse “I will not be a slave to your pain” added more to the passionate song. On top of that, it helps build the storyline of conflict within the bands theme.  The following track, My Human Condition had a different tone than the previous tracks. My Human Condition contained smoothing vocals, but still carried the quality of emotional lyrics. The heartbreaking verse of “What if you leave and we never get the chance?” creates a painstaking break in the track. Also, the track adds onto the theme of perseverance as even though they may not be together, one will try to make it occur no matter the obstacles.

 The next track, Keyboard Warriors, however, had a memorizing tune throughout track. With its simple yet catchy rhythm, this track definitely caught my attention. Like Keyboard Warriors, Homewrecked also caught my attention. The track carried a different tone with its upbeat vocals and pop-punk influence. The unclean vocals created a distinct separation from the pop punk sound, yet Havoc Faction manages to merge the sounds together creating an unforgettable track. Homewrecked added to the bands theme of standing up for what you believe in and not being afraid to be taken down. The last track, My Human Condition (Remix) gave the listeners a different approach of the song. The track felt futuristic and added to the bands comic-book theme. The remix definitely added in terms of harmonizing the vocals. 

Havoc Faction created a unique storyline within their EP. With their theme being found in parts of their tracks, Havoc Faction did a fantastic job incorporating a solid theme in their EP. I found myself hooked with the first track and immediately knew I’ll love this EP from front to back. Check out Havoc Faction on Spotify and on Instagram