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'Watch What Happens Next' & 'Dream Boy'-Waterparks Review

Written by: Julie Vega

Waterparks comes back into the pop-punk scene with two new exploding

singles Watch What Happens Next and Dream Boy. Watch What Happens Next  directly calls out their previous label and even their own fans. Awsten references how the previous label didn’t provide the band with anything- even money.

Got nothing from our label. Bitch, pay me what you owe me.

Awsten continued with referring to how the treatment of the fanbase affected the bands confidence and creativity. Awsten expressed how he used autotune for Worst and some of the fanbase disliked it. He compared his use to change the sound in Waterparks is similar to how other genres change or fluctuate their sound. By doing this, Awsten realized the fanbase is so used to a similar pop-punk sound that anything different automatically equals bad or that Waterparks sold out.

I don’t think people realize

How they’re fucking us up

I put autotune on Worst and caught all their disgust


All the fans that like us need a easy fucking format  

They would boo that 

They’d abuse that

It’s a cultural hold-back

Watch What Happens Next is the band directly talking to the fans on the constant hatred for their new sound. It’s an issue seen from other groups as well. Not every fan would like every song from said band. The fans have the opinion to dislike a song and provide reasoning. However, to constantly send hate to the band or harassing the band to go back to their old sound isn’t the most constructive way to send feedback. Like Awsten said, this is holding the band back from experimenting. If Waterparks wants to experiment and be able to express themselves in a new creative way, then they’re allowed to. 

Watch What Happens Next felt more of a “Fuck you let me do what I want” vibes than anything. Dream Boy was shortly released afterwards and stood very differently, lyrically and musically. Dream Boy as Awsten described it  “ if it were a remix of another song with a million sonic variations of the hook, but that it would just be the original version because I love dance music too much.” 

Am I the boy you dreamed of?

Living in your subconscious, oh

Do you believe in love?

And is it because of me?

Dream Boy has more of a pop sound with catchy drums and smooth sounds of the guitar. Compared to Watch What Happens Next with its heavy riff, loud drums, and multiple pauses. Awsten’s vocals also differs in sense of the tone of the lyrics. As Watch What Happens Next has more of an angry and annoyed tone, Awsten’s vocals are deepen and monotonous. In a way, Awsten’s unchanging vocals shows that he’s trying to format to stay the same in order to not upset the fans he’s singing to. However, in Dream Boy Awsten is more alive and silvery. The tone of Dream Boy is pleasant and joyful. Awsten’s voice is clear and more pleasant to hear. He sounds more cheerful, as if he is in love, in Dream Boy. Similar to what Awsten described, Dream Boy has jumpy, up-beat instrumentals that add a new flair to the song.

Your beloved getaway

I’m your favorite holiday 

You’ll never be alone with me

In comparison to both songs, they both stand out uniquely as their own masterpieces. Waterparks managed to create songs with different tones, but with a similar message. They can change their sound and still be able to express their creativity. With the disagreements from their fanbase, Waterparks suffered a lost on their confidence putting out new music. However, with these two new singles, Waterparks was able to gain their confidence back and put their fans beliefs beside them. I highly suggest checking out their new singles and pre-save their new album, Fandom, on your preferred streaming service! Catch Waterparks on their new tour

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