'Vanity'- Elbow Room Review

Written by: Julie Vega

After a week of teasing their newest single, Elbow Room released their song Vanity. The intense, yet powerful lyrics made me fall in love with Elbow Room. I recently discovered them as they were recommended to me on Spotify. I listened to their past tracks and enjoyed their sound. I was happy to see on  their Instagram that they were releasing a single! I was pumped to see them start a new era and I would be part of it! Hearing Vanity for the first time made me truly appreciate them and look into them more!

Vanity definetly reminds gave me the nostaglic feeling of a early 2000’s post-hardcore music. The lyrics, vocals, and the dynamic of the guitar and drums worked perfectly well with Vanity. The clean vocals gave me a sense of serenity. While the unclean vocals gave me an intense buzz. The unclean vocals in Vanity really brought the song together. Elbow Room did a fantastic job with Vanity and this alone made me excited to hear what comes next of the group! I definitely wanted more people to check them out as they have a lot of potential to grow in the music scene! Elbow Room put in a lot of work into their music and especially in their music video for Vanity. 

The music video for Vanity is stunning! The videography and the work put into making the music video made Vanity stand out as one of a kind! The promotion leading up to the single, again, was fantastic and the video itself worked great with the single! I cannot wait to hear more from them and what they have in store!  I highly suggest checking out Elbow Room on Spotify and Apple Music ! Also, check out their music video for Vanity !