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Trophy Eyes Rise Again With New Single- “27 Club” Review

Written by Hannah Clough

Fans have been anxiously awaiting new music since the release of single, “Figure Eight”, which dropped on January 14th, 2020. It hasn’t been a secret that the band was busy creating new material, but now we’re getting a first look at what seems to be an upcoming album.

In true Trophy Eyes fashion this song reveals a dark plot masked by heavy instrumentals. The term “27 Club” is no stranger to most, but the band puts their own unique spin on it. The chanting breakdown “Put me in the ground / Sell my things and snuff me out” is where the track hits peak energy and I can’t wait to see how it resonates live.

Although quite morbid, the single feeds off this sense of comfort, like we’ve all hit points where it seems it’s better to end it and knowing we’re not alone provides a wave of relief.

The sound on this single shows how much they’ve evolved since the start of their career in 2013, the lyricism has stayed consistent across the years, but their instrumental capability has had the biggest hand in fine tuning their sound. They can only go up from this point on, I’ve never met a Trophy Eyes song I didn’t like.

Lead singer John Floreani doesn’t disappoint either, his vocals throughout empower the track and give it an extra edge. The way he can go from soft and smooth with his solo material to a more hardcore sound with Trophy Eyes is astounding, he has one of the strongest vocals in the scene for sure.

“27 Club” is available to stream on any preferred platform and you can pick up physical copies of their previous releases as well as some sick merch on their webstore. Make sure to follow them on Twitter @trophyeyesmusic to stay up to date on what’s to come and let us know @lgndsoftmrw what your thoughts on the track are!

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