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Tooth Cemetery Show Massive Growth With New Single- Review

On October 31st, Tooth Cemetery gave listeners a Halloween surprise by releasing their latest single, “Tony Hawk (and Other People Who Won’t Answer My Emails)” on all streaming platforms. The single had previously been released on Bandcamp but is now available on all streaming services.

This is the haze-punk band’s second single of 2021, following the release of “iris.” The new single’s instrumentals sound as if Buddy Holly were to have started a punk band. The song is composed of an intro that contains drums reminiscent of 50's rock and roll and heavily distorted chugging guitar riffs.

Although the catchy instrumentals initially grab the attention of listeners, upon further inspection the lyrical content also keeps listeners engaged. With lyrics like “you make me sick and it drives me insane / baby degrade me call me a disease / do what you want baby do as you please” the song keeps listeners hooked with the back and forth of a relationship with an unfair power dynamic.

If the addictive instrumentals and lyrics are not enough to convince you to replay the song, the build up to the outro will. A tempo change starts the build up of a high energy outro with wailing guitars and echoing vocals that will leave listeners jumping out of their seats and thrashing their heads!

You can now stream “tony hawk (and other people who won’t answer my emails)” on all streaming platforms. You can also keep up with Tooth Cemetery by following them on Twitter @toothcemetery! If you would like to support them, you can do so by buying their merchandise here. Don’t forget to tweet us @lgndsoftmrw and tell us what you thought of the new Tooth Cemetery single!

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