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Tiny Voices Releases Debut EP "Where the Time Went"- Review

On October 15th, Wisconsin pop punk band Tiny Voices released their debut EP "Where the Time Went." The EP is comprised of four tracks and was recorded at Sound Acres with Gary Cioni and Chris Freeman (of Hot Mulligan).

“Where the Time Went” manages to encapture confessional lyrical content and combine it with high-energy music. The EP serves as the perfect soundtrack to an angsty car ride while watching the leaves slowly change colors.

The first track is entitled “Anything Anyone” starts off as the most mellow of the four tracks with melodic guitar and steady drums accompanying melancoly lyrics, “Do I mean anything to anyone anymore? / Did I mean anything to you at all.” The builds to an ending full of heavy drums, loud guitar riffs, and vocals that drive in the impact of the existential lyrics.

With the second song off the EP “I Don’t Even Like Lobster,” unlike the first track, opens with high energy from the start. Giving the EP it’s name with lyrics like “Lobster tails and irish accents / Drink til we lose / Tell me where the time went,” the lyrics provides an insight into that feeling of yearning for a simpler time as you grow older.

Similar to “I Don’t Even Like Lobster,” “Moving Target” packs a punch from the start of the track. Hard-hitting drums and distorted guitar riffs are present throughout the song. “Moving Target” also features whimsical guitar licks that makes one reminiscent of math rock.

The EP is closed by “Oranberry.” Opening with vocals over a distant sounding guitar, the track soon evolves with intense drums and guitar fills. The outro continuously builds until the end of the song, the powerful vocals perfectly radiate all the frustrating of letting someone from your past still hold control over your feelings.

You can stream “Where the Time Went” on all streaming platforms now! You can keep up with Tiny Voices by following them on Twitter @TinyVoicesWI! Make sure to tweet us @lgndsoftmrw and let us know what you thought about “Where the Time Went!”

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