Thisistoodifficult Interview

Writen by: Julieta Vega

Promos by: Daniel E. Alvarado

This past week, I got the opportunity to interview Texas very own thisistoodifficult. I got to speak to the lead vocalist/guitarist Rafa on musical influences, upcoming projects, and their latest track ‘Ruminations.’

Julieta: How has 2020 been for you musically and mentally?

Rafa: I feel more than satisfied with what the band has been able to produce. I'm glad we were able to make a comeback after almost three years since our last release. Mentally, 2020 has provided me with plenty of growth and psychological resilience. For a while, I felt like I was absent in my life and I'm glad song-writing provides me with that creative outlet.

J: I noticed you released a new song "Ruminations!" What was the inspiration for the track?

R: Musically, I was inspired by guitar-driven alternative rock and post-punk, but with my own lyrical and melodic input. I like to think I'm very involved when it comes to love and relationships. I used my own personal experiences to give the song a genuine angle. I'm glad I was able to convey strong feelings of longing with a romantic context.

J: What song do you believe defines thisistoodifficult?

R: "Used to You" is definitely the song that I think showcases our song-writing abilities. It's also the song our audience enjoys the most and I think that's because of a very familiar song structure found in most pop sensible music; [The] riff, verse, pre-chorus, chorus, and repeat.

J: To those discovering thisistoodifficult, how would you describe the band in one sentence?

R: I honestly don't know how to answer that! No matter what I say, I think everyone will have their own interpretation. I'll try my best to sum it up in one sentence; Thisistoodifficult is a combination of guitar-based songwriting, emotionally driven lyrics and vocal melodies, and dynamic drum grooves.

J: I see that you're based in Laredo, Texas! How has the music scene in Laredo treated thisistoodifficult?

R: I've had the privilege of meeting some of the most talented, goal-driven individuals throughout the years of living in Laredo and going to DIY shows. I'm more than thankful that all of our creative energy has drawn us closer together. Now that some of us are based in San Antonio, I think it's time for us to separate ourselves from Laredo in order to grow. Laredo can only provide so much. I'm happy to say I've acquired all the experiences and life-lessons I need to take our craft to greater heights. I'm no longer looking for any validation from Laredo. Needless to say, I've made the decision to continue seeking out positive experiences with my band and our music. At the end of the day, I'm responsible for carving our own path.

J: What musical acts inspire thisistoodifficult?

R: Personally, I draw plenty of inspiration from bands like Interpol, Deftones, The Smiths; contemporary songwriters like Drake, and even Latin songwriters like Juan Luis Guerra. I'm inspired by heartfelt lyricism and real-life story-telling thru song-writing

J: With current events like Kenosha, how have you been using your platform in terms of educating and spreading awareness?

R: With media attention shifting so fast between one event to the next, I try to keep a very sensitive demeanor when I'm online. I'm usually a humorous person, but I take it upon myself to share bits of information that I feel will at least heighten my social media audience's self-awareness. I try to stay away from sharing triggering/traumatic material unless I feel it is absolutely necessary. I also believe that as observers it is our responsibility to not over-saturate our feeds and to, instead, find time to inform ourselves rather than expect others to do it for us. At the end of the day influencers, musicians, actors, and etc. are only people. I'm just glad to have an audience I can share most of my views with.

J: What message do you hope to convey to your audience through your music?

R: Songwriting is very rewarding for me. When I look back at our catalog, I think about the experiences that influenced them. I like to think our music conveys the message that it is okay to be vulnerable. I believe songwriting can provide that sort of cathartic release from our emotional wounds.

J: What does thisistoodifficult have in store for 2021?

R: I can't say we have any plans that are set in stone. Regardless, I'd like to still be able to release more music and find different ways to interact with our supporters.

It was wonderful speaking to you! Do you have any last words to say?

R: I'd like to thank everyone that listens to Thisistoodifficult. It really means the world to me that someone would enjoy the music I write with some of the most talented people I know. It validates my efforts and gives me [the] motivation to continue pursuing song-writing.

Huge thank you to Rafa of Thisistoodifficult for doing this interview with us! You can keep up with them by following them on Twitter @ThisIsTooRafa.