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The Wonder Years Release Wonderful Christmas Single- “Threadbare” Review

Written by Nick Garrastegui

The holidays are here and while most people are winding down for the year, The Wonder Years have had a busy few weeks.

The band has just announced their 10-year anniversary tour for "The Upsides" and "Suburbia: I've Given You All and Now I'm Nothing" tour and have also released a Christmas single, "Threadbare."

The overall atmosphere the track creates fits perfectly within the holiday season. It radiates warmth, yet maintains a twinge of sadness with its chorus.

This is especially the case in the final words of "I'm feeling worn / Feeling threadbare / Like the sleeves / Of my sweater / And the days / Only get longer from here." The lines make me think of the period of time right before New Year's Day, where the holiday celebrations are beginning to wrap up and everyone is preparing for the long days of January.

The verses, however, focus on the warmth and happiness found in the lead-up to the holidays. The line "Jill smiles as I walk in / There's a quiet sort of hum / Finally home after a long year / The house radiating love" immediately stood out to me on my first listen.

With this being the first time in a long time that families are allowed to unite for the holidays, the words feel a little more impactful this year.

The track is quite minimal instrumentally and feels like it would fit perfectly on either "Burst and Decay" album. The instrumentals and vocals play off each other beautifully and the listener can allow themselves to get lost in Dan Campbell's words, brought to the forefront almost immediately after the track begins.

What I believe is the best part of "Threadbare" is that it's not outwardly a Christmas song yet fits the season perfectly. It allows for the track to be applied all year while feeling a little more special once the holidays roll around.

“Threadbare” is available to stream everywhere you listen to music, and you can pick up some merch for the single here! You can also follow the band on Twitter @thewonderyears.

You can let us know what you think of the new album by tweeting us @lgndsoftmrw!

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