The Ones You Forgot- Interview

Interview by: Julie Vega

J: What artists/bands influenced your sound? 

TOYF: The music tastes of each of us vary so drastically, but if we had to choose artists as a whole, we would say bands like State Champs, All Time Low, We are the In Crowd, etc. 

J: Has there been any challenges you faced, while starting out as a band? If so, how did you overcome it? 

TOYF: I think the hardest part was figuring out how to be a band in general. Some of us had never been in a band at all, so we really had to learn a lot to get started. For situations like this, the only real way to overcome it is to put yourself out there and get experience! And that’s what we did. Looking back on all those years ago, it’s almost like watching a child learn how to walk. The way we function now is all because of what we picked up on then. 

J: Due to the pandemic, concerts have been canceled and venues have been closed indefinitely. What tools or strategies have you used to promote yourself?

TOYF: Twitch has become a very integral part of the band since the pandemic started. It has not only allowed us to interact with our friends and fans on a new level, but also with each other. We haven’t had band practice since March - the longest period we have gone without seeing each other since the band began. So it’s comforting for the 5 of us to be virtually hanging out with everyone watching the streams. 

J: I noticed you have a Twitch channel and donate to different organizations. It’s amazing to see smaller bands use their platform to raise awareness, especially during these times. Do you believe bigger bands should do the same? 

TOYF: Of course! Fundraising on Twitch has been an awesome experience - it’s fun and it feels great to be able to help out, even if it’s just a little. Seeing larger acts use their platform to support a cause is so cool because they have the power to reach thousands. Our corner of the internet isn’t huge but we won’t let that stop us!

J: What moment defined “The Ones You Forgot” as a band? 

TOYF: There are certainly a handful of moments that are very important to us, but if we had to choose one defining moment, it would be Warped Tour 2019. Playing Warped was something all of us had wanted to do since we were kids, and it was an absolute dream come true. A full circle moment for us that we will always remember. 

J: What message do you hope to convey to your fans through your music? 

TOYF: A lot of our songs touch on the topic of fear. We hope that our music can help someone face what they are afraid of, and remind them that they are brave and worthy. You got this!

J: Is there any advice you’ll give to upcoming bands in the scene?

TOYF: Practice A LOT, have fun, and be professional!

J: What can we expect from your newest single? 

TOYF: Lots of energy! We think it’s such a fun song and a perfect choice for getting our new music back out there again. 

J: Do you have anything else to say to your fans?

TYOF: Thank you for supporting us and for being so patient as we continue to discover what it means to be TOYF. We’re so honored to have you listening after all this time. Wear a mask so we all can have live music again!!