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'Steady Glow'- In Her Own Words Review

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Written by: Jayme Stewart

The Los Angeles band In Her Own Words released their latest album in April, titled Steady Glow, and it could very well be a contender for the top ten of 2019-here’s why.

The band isn’t new to strong releases, coming off of their last album Unfamiliar which was solid as well- but their latest album packs a punch that many people are going to really vibe with. It features 12 songs, totalling around 43 minutes, which is a very solid length for an album. 

The opening song is called Out of Focus, and it starts the album off in the perfect way. It’s a heavy hitting song with solid lyrics that will resonate with a lot of listeners. They knew what they were doing opening with that song, it has such a good catchy sound to it- one that many listeners would find themselves hooked to right away.

Serotonin is another stand out song from the album, the chorus is extremely catchy and the lyrics are powerful. Listeners who like emotional music would find this album perfect for them- it’s full of emotion while still having a more upbeat and catchy sound that many people enjoy.

February weather is extremely good as well, listening to all of the songs in order is definitely the way to go, it tells an emotional story of loss and listening to the songs in order you are able to hear and feel the album instead of just hearing it.

Hum is a short interlude that has a different sound than the other songs, but not in a bad way. It was a good choice to break up the songs using a shorter sad song like that. The album is extremely well thought out with the ordering of the songs which is shown in the placement of interludes. 

A few other songs that stood out to me were: Wonder, Right Now and Sleep it Off. They are a bit on the softer side, and they carry so much emotion. In Her Own Words was able to pull off not only heavy hitting songs, but softer songs as well which shows the versatility of the band.

The other tracks Rosé by the Ocean, Steady Glow, Delicate, Disaster Case and Alone With You are all amazing as well. It is very impressive that they were able to release an album that has 12 solid songs. Each song sounds great, and has lyrics that were all well thought out and convey a deeper meaning- which some albums tend to lack.

They were album to mix heavy hitting songs and softer songs to make an album that tells a story and is much more than just random songs shoved together. All of the songs were amazing, there was not one that I didn’t enjoy which is something I cannot say about every album.

The album definitely has its stand out songs that are catchier and will appeal to more people, but there isn’t a song on there that I would say is bad. Each song brought something different to the table and it is an album that a lot of people would be able to enjoy and get something from.

The album flows well, listening to it from front to back you are able to hear the story they are trying to tell, and the emotion is very clear. They were able to fill the songs with emotion without overdoing it or making it seem basic in any way. Steady Glow is their stand out release so far in their career, and it makes listeners wonder what the next step would be.

So far, 2019 is definitely their year- and Steady Glow will definitely make people’s top albums of the year.

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