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“Silly Putty” by Phem Is Finally Free- Review

Written by Isabella Flynn

Phem has been putting out music since 2017 when they collaborated with rapper G-Eazy on the song “Just Friends”. In 2020, they released the EP, “how to stop hating urself (pt1)" and its companion album, “how to stop hating urself (pt1.5)" in 2021. Followed by the release of the hit, “flowers" and now, the most recent track, "Silly Putty".

Phem was an opener for Waterparks’ "A Night Out On Earth" tour that made its way across the US this fall. No matter the city, their sets have always had this shared energy between the crowd and the group.

Each night, they were playing a (then unreleased) track titled, "Silly Putty". This is a song they had been wanting to put out for a while, however, their label wouldn’t let them unless it became popular amongst fans and listeners alike.

Live footage of "Silly Putty" performances made their way across numerous social media platforms, and then the #FREESILLYPUTTY movement kicked off. If a certain number of pre-saves on listening platforms were fulfilled, the studio version of "Silly Putty" would be released into the world.

"Silly Putty" is an upbeat song that has influences of hyper-pop and pop-punk. Two genres that seem like they would not mix well together, but Phem does exactly that flawlessly. The lyrics have the loved pop-punk sound almost as if they were pulled from an early 2000's Avril Lavinge song topped with a very catchy bassline and chorus.

Lyrically, the song is simple. "Silly Putty" is about having a crush and just being so in love with an individual that you’d be willing to do anything for them. The lyrics in the chorus, “I'm only silly putty in your hands right now / You could throw me out the window / You could burn me to the ground / You could fuck me up and I'm always down” definitely helps create that lighthearted and fun feel.

Even though the lyrics are simple, they are catchy and easy to memorize. You can sing along whenever you listen.

"Silly Putty" is a fun song in all aspects. From the lyrics, to the instrumental, and to the incredible live energy that gets unleashed when it’s played live. It will definitely feel like you’re in a good mood and want to dance whenever you listen.

You can keep up with Phem by following them on Twitter @phem4vr! Let us know what you think of the song by tweeting us @lgndsoftmrw!

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