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Set It Off Take Us "Elsewhere" with New Album - Review

Written by Isabella Flynn

October 2021 was an exciting time to be a Set It Off Fan, after two years, the now-trio released the single “Skeleton." This is their first song in two years that wasn’t from the bands previous record "Midnight."

On top of a new song, the band debuted a brand new aesthetic-one with bright colors galore and the days of the shades of blue and hourglass imagery that defined the "Midnight" era was left behind.

In January 2022, the group released the second single “Projector” and with that single was an album announcement for their sixth album, "Elsewhere." Right before Elsewhere’s release, we got one more single, “Who’s In Control."

All three singles were fantastic glimpses into what "Elsewhere" was going to be. On March 11th, 2022, "Elsewhere" arrived. After waiting for two years for new music from Set It Off- everything this album has to offer listeners has made the wait well worth it!

"Elsewhere" is an album of growth. Set It Off are no strangers to experimenting with their sound, with some of their earliest releases being more theatrical rock tracks, more recent ones being pure pop, and the newest few albums being a perfect blend of pop and rock.

The album immediately hooks you in with the insanely catchy opening track, “Skeleton” and keeps you hooked from the beginning of the album to the very end.

The instrumentals are groovy, and are bound to be the sole reason you will either be dancing in your seat or feel inclined to leave your seat and dance. Especially with the songs “Cut Off”, “Dangerous”, and (my personal favorite off the album) “Peekaboo”.

"Elsewhere" is one of those albums where the high energy, occasionally intense, and very groovy instrumentals overpower the much more sadder lyrics. This pattern of upbeat instrumentals/depressing lyrics is common trend with this record.

What’s definitely worth highlighting is vocalist Cody Carson’s range. Each song on the album is so different, and each song has a different vocal style to accompany it. In some songs like “Why Do I” and “As Good As It Gets” Carson’s vocals are more melodic and much softer, while in other songs like “Cordial” and “Peekaboo” are much more harsh and something reminiscent of his vocals on Set It Off’s earliest releases (2011’s "Horrible Kids" and 2012’s "Cinematics").

"Elsewhere" is an album that has a lot to offer. Proof of the band’s growth and confidence in what their sound is, an eye-catching aesthetic that perfectly matches the vibe of what this album is, and so much more. There’s plenty of surprises and something for everyone.

"Elsewhere" is available wherever you listen to your music. Make sure to give the band a follow on Twitter @SetItOff to stay up to date with everything in the world of Set It Off! Make sure you let us know what your thoughts on the latest from the band are by tweeting us @lgndsoftmrw!

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