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Seeing “california from the backseat” With Molly Seger- Review

On April 27th, Nashville-based singer-songwriter Molly Seger transported listeners into an all-encompassing daydream with her latest single “california from the backseat.” This is Molly’s second 2022 single, following the release of “hands all over” in February.

With “california from the backseat” Seger reminisces on falling in love in secret. Seger uses water as a metaphor for her experience of surrendering herself to her love.

With lyrics like “let the current pull me in / cause I know that you’re gonna win / and I tell myself again, loving you is innocent,” Seger manages to transport listeners into a moment with a lover where you realize that you are completely at their mercy because you have tossed yourself into the love. If you are a fan of Taylor Swift’s “august,” then you will love Seger’s storytelling in this song! Seger manages to encapsulate the full range of emotions that comes with relationships by balancing the pining and aching with hope and intimacy, both lyrically and sonically.

Seger’s storytelling is accompanied in the first verse by an acoustic guitar and whimsical vocals that instantly fills listeners with a feeling of longing as they travel into this memory with Seger. Throughout the song, the musical instrumentals build to include a strumming electric guitar, pounding drums, and dreamy far away backing vocals. The intricate melodies and backing instrumentals add an ethereal element to the song!

This song is able to convey so many feelings within listeners and can either be the score to your next adventure with a loved one or the support to your next angsty car ride, and that choice is all up to you when you listen!

You can stream “california from the backseat” on all streaming services now! You can keep up with Molly Seger by following her on Instagram @molly.seger and @musicbymolly444, as well as on TikTok @musicbymolly444!

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