Rising Indie Singer ameliarose Releases First Single From Debut EP- “GOLIATH” Review

Written by Julieta Vega

Viral TikTok singer and rising Indie star ameliarose released her first single “GOLIATH” off her debut EP. From the East Coast, ameliarose gained a strong fan base thanks to her dedication to music.

By live-streaming across all platforms, ameliarose’s fan base have been by her side since the very beginning. Her fame only grew bigger after her jazz redemption of “Hayloft” by Mother Mother got recognition from the band.

Likewise, ameliarose has performed in various acts like American Idol and Elm City Music Festival. Now, ameliarose is making her voice heard with her new single “GOLIATH” as it highlights her angelic vocals and powerful emotions.

“GOLIATH” opens with ameliarose deep in emotion that translates beautifully in her vocals. Her vocal style follows the footsteps of acclaimed Indie musician Fiona Apple.

Ameliarose continues to share her emotions with lyrics like “I bet you thought I was less than I am/I bet you thought I’ll forget.” Her holy vocals compliment the heavy, heartfelt lyrics, which she continues to do this as she sings “My heart is heavier than your mind is/I’m bigger than bold.” The comparison of one's heart heavier than their mind tells an emotional tale.

Ameliarose’s ability to discuss her emotions in an artful and soulful matter is amazing. Towards the end chorus, all the instruments clashing with ameliarose’s vocals starts to open heaven's gate. Her vocal range is divine as it displays her incredible artistry.

In “GOLIATH", her emotions are beautifully captured and displayed gracefully. Her talent as a musician is remarkably displayed through her jaw-dropping vocals and beautiful lyricism.

Simply put, ameliarose is someone to keep on your radar. Her phenomenal talent should not go under appreciated.

If you haven’t, check out “GOLIATH” on all streaming platforms! Keep up to date with ameliarose by following her on Twitter, @whoisameliarose! What did you think of “GOLIATH”? Let us know by tweeting at us @lgndsoftmrw!