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Review: Pollyanna Brings Rock to the Iconic Lady Gaga Track "Judas"

Written by Faith Logue

Rock group Pollyanna has released a cover of Lady Gaga’s 2011 electronic-dance ballad “Judas.” They add rock elements to this iconic track, bringing a whole new vibe to it, going from something you would hear in a club to something one could mosh to in the pit. The group also recently released the pop-punk record “SLIME,” featuring their original music.

Pollyanna breathes and breath of fresh air into the track, as it makes it feel more personal and adds a taste of what Pollyanna has to offer sonically. The vocals are drastically different from Gaga’s version, with major differences being added heavy vocals and takes that make it more alternative. I find it so interesting that they took this older track and covered it because it is becoming more popular because of TikTok, and you don’t see many alternative bands covering electronic songs. Normally covers can be hit or miss, but I find myself putting it on repeat.

I like the bridge of the song, where they add a lot of different guitar sounds and layering vocals, as well as a drum beat that never quits because it makes the song more accessible and easier to listen to for people that enjoy rock songs. They slow things down for a moment before bringing back the heat, and it sounds like they had a lot of fun recording the track.

The video for the track on YouTube also shows this fun as they are seen dancing around and showcasing who they are as people, wearing dark clothes with touches of bright color in their hair and guitars. It is a simple video, with edits here and there as the song becomes heavier. They also didn’t use a huge budget for the video, using white backgrounds and a small corner of what could be a house. I think that is unique and shows that music videos can be really good without a whole lot added to them.

Overall, I found this cover better than the original track because of the added alternative touch to it, with rocking guitars and a melodic beat. That isn’t to say that the original Gaga track isn’t great, but the cover brings something new to an iconic pop track.

Pollyanna’s new record “SLIME” is available on all streaming services, and you can support the band by following them on Twitter @pollyannaNJ and buying merch from their Bandcamp.

You can let us know what you think about the cover by tweeting us @lgndsoftmrw!


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