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Review: Heartbreak and Healing On Leanna Firestone’s Latest EP Public Displays of Affection

Written by Lissa LaGrotta

Last February Leanna Firestone brought a fresh new sound to the indie pop scene with her debut album, “Forward / Slash.” The emotional album had many deep cuts but also sprinkled in some “happy sad” songs. Starting off 2023 strong, Leanna Firestone just released a new EP called "Public Displays Of Affection."

The five-track EP starts off with the single “You Just Didn’t Like Me That Much” a dancey pop song about falling in love with someone that doesn’t like you as much as you like them. The song discusses the realization of this person not being the one that got away or her soulmate, and how after a breakup people can tend to villainize their exes and believe that the pain was intentional. All while still being happy in the aftermath but allowing yourself to still feel the pain.

It flows perfectly into the second track “Love Of My Life.” This track is about moving on and meeting new people. She references the previous track in her telling of this potential new relationship of her previous relationship with the person who “just didn’t like her that much.” This is an uplifting song about how good it feels finding someone new that loves you in a new, refreshing way.

Continuing with the perfect flow of the EP, the third track “Reincarnation” is about moving on by going to therapy and talking to your friends and family. Leanna Firestone goes into more detail about her healing journey and getting a dog and cutting her hair. She shares how healing is traveling and spending time with yourself to fall in love with yourself again. The newest “Reincarnation” is of herself and the person she is outside of the relationship. The track is very melodic and has a lot of electronic influence creating yet another dancey song.

Track four starts out strong, “God and the Government” is about feeling empowered by a new relationship and saying how this new person makes Firestone feel confident in this relationship. She says she’ll get married if her partner wants to and will play the part of a wife with kids.

She says she’ll “paint the picket fence white” and be the head of their potential kid’s PTA. Throughout the track she says she’ll settle down with her partner if he wants to. Firestone says “I love you in front of God and the government” and say they could have this perfect life and she’ll be the perfect wife if he wants to.

The final track is titled “Right Person, Right Time” which talks about how this person is perfect for her. Firestone references her track “Smitten” when she talks about how telling her mom she looked “disgustingly smitten.” She jokes back about how she would marry him.

Firestone talks about the fear of getting old but wanting to do it with him. This partner treats her so differently and shows her off to his friends and how he wants to be with her. This track is quieter but so hopeful for this new love. Firestone’s quiet tone brings a sensation of building excitement. It feels as if everything is falling together for Leanna Firestone.

Overall, Leanna Firestone’s EP "Public Displays Of Affection" is a “happy sad” EP that discusses moving on and falling in love again while also showing how truly beautiful moving on can be. This EP is so important to those dealing with heartbreak. This EP is perfect for those trying to fall in love with yourself again.

Leanna Firstone’s “Public Displays of Affection” is available to listen on all streaming services! You can keep up with Leanna Firestone by following her on Instagram @LeannaFirestone.

If you’ve already listened tell us what you think by tweeting at us @lgndsoftmrw!


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