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Review: Bearings Shakes Things Up With New Single “Scenery”

Written by Suzanne Leszczyznski

One year ago, Bearings rapidly emerged into the ear-sight of every pop punk enthusiast with the release of their one-off track, “Shaking Your Mind.” Back in February, this genre’s Ontario treasure continues to shake minds by shaking up the scenery with their latest single, “Scenery,” the easygoing and appreciative-of-the-world follow up to last year’s release.

The click of a cassette player instantaneously cues vocalist Dougie Cousins and guitarist Ryan Culligan as they toss vocals back and forth with playful ease. The exuberance of the bouncy guitars that follow warrant the urge to head nod; they’re extravagantly dancey, setting the mood for this feel-good track.

To enhance its lively tone, the song employs specific moments of fitting auditory detail. The uplifting vocal inflection of “Here's a good reason to open your eyes” and the twangy, perky guitar plucks leading to the last chorus elevate the warmth of the song effectively. The dreamy, drawn out “oohs” at the end of each chorus and extended “I just wanna sit back and admire the view with you” at the end of the first verse portray a carefree cool in the band.

The heartening sound of “Scenery” serves as a foundation to support its simultaneous sonic and lyrical vibrance. Its chorus packs a punch of spirited warmth as the two vocalists deliver affectionate words in alternation. “Know you love the greenery / Take you to the view to show you what you mean to me” are lyrics driven by an admiration for life.

It’s this combination between confident vocals and carefree instrumentation (and vice versa) that qualifies the band to encourage listeners to stop and smell the roses; “Look up at the stars while we listen to the 8 track / Life is good baby take it easy pull the shades back.”

“Scenery” is an energetic, windows-down anthem that encourages one to appreciate the view while leaving a few seats open for the people who make that drive all the more significant. Painting a clear picture of the positivity that radiates from shared sunsets and beach views with someone special, this song becomes the perfect soundtrack to adorn the awe-inspiring moments it references.

Once they’re done shaking the scenery, be fully prepared for Bearings to shake up the world of modern pop punk. This single finds the band solidifying their expertise in creating catchy melodies and reaffirming their role as the refreshing vitality this genre has been waiting for.

“Scenery” is available on all streaming platforms. You can support the band by following them on Twitter @bearingsband and on Instagram @bearingsband and buying merch from

If you’ve heard the release, be sure to let us know what you think by tweeting us @lgndsoftmrw!


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