"Reflections"- Belmont Review

Witten by: Julie Vega

After much anticipation, Chicago’s own Belmont released their EP Reflections. Reflections exhibited Belmont’s evolution in their music. With the incorporation of heavier bridges and adding raw emotions, lyrically, Belmont definitely showed their progress as a group with this EP.

Reflections opens with By My Side. By My Side had a unique introduction as it incorporated using beats while transitioning into a heavy guitar. The track was loud and energetic, which set the mood for the rest of the album. Deadweight followed and compared to By My Side, Deadweight was not as heavy. The quiet vocals playing in the track added to the emotions shown. The repeating saying of Deadweight showed how much literal deadweight they’re carrying. The same can be said for Stay Up. The vocals switching to unclean and clean shows the change of emotion. Between anger and sadness, Stay Up is definitely one of my favorite tracks.

Hideout and Move Along both showed raw emotions like the previous tracks. Hideout discusses personal issues like using drugs as a coping mechanism. Hideout tells the painful feeling of holding onto emotions and wanting to change as a person. While Moved Along showed their emotions with their instruments. The breakdowns added so much to the track and provided  heavy emotions. The guitar sounding hollowed out towards the end was a great touch to the song. Lastly, Back and Forth ended Reflections on a perfect note. The track reflected on their own actions and how they're trying to be better. With the chorus fading towards the end, the track ended with beautiful angelic-like vocals.

Belmont sold me on this EP. The experimental path that Belmont went on was a fantastic choice. The use of beats and effects on the guitars showed Belmont’s experimental approach. The lyrics expressed emotions on coming clean and trying to let the weight off your shoulders. Personally, my favorite tracks were By My Side, Stay Up, and Hideout as the lyrics spoke to me. All in all, Belmont definitely put out an amazing EP that showed how far they evolved in their sound. What’s your favorite track off the EP?