"Recreational Love"- Flight Club Review

Written by: Julie Vega

As the year comes to a close, we look back into the year as which albums and EPs stuck out. I found myself struggling to discover new bands this year. However, I found myself intrigued when listening to Flight Club’s new EP, Recreational Love. The EP blew me away with its interesting sound and themes played out. Recreational Love definitely gave me a new experience that I wasn’t quite expecting. 

Recreational Love opens with Discount Drugs, one of the singles released off the EP. Discount Drugs has an electric introduction, which sets the tone right away. The loud and intense vocals gave me the sense of virgous track. This Is Living followed, which had a similar tone to Discount Drugs. This Is Living has fast drums and an amazing chorus, suiting the track well. From their Track-By-Track interview with New Noise, they explained that the lyrics discusses that they have total control of their lives and they will live it to the fullest, rather than letting it past by them. Hard Luck then follows with more of a motivational theme. The repetitive lyrics of  “Everything will be alright” gives the audience the sense of acceptance and care. Following this, All Hell starts and automatically has the right ingredients to a loud, rock track. All Hell opens with a rock influenced guitar and brought in unclean vocals towards the chorus. All Hell absolutely showed what Flight Club is capable of musically and lyrically.

With the riotous track of All Hell came Strangers After, a more sonorous track. Strangers After discusses the topic of relationships and learning how to be yourself again. The heartbreaking verse of  “I’m only here cause’ I can’t let go” gives the impression of trying to let go, but can’t find the heart to. Lastly, Recreational Love ends with Yours, a beautiful ending to a passion filled EP. The track is filled with an amazing chorus, catchy drums, and has an amazing transition from Strangers After. Yours discussed more on finding hope in your everyday life and being more optimistic in the things you do. 

I found myself sad after the track ended, as I wanted more. Recreational Love took me on a rollercoaster of emotions. I felt myself liking the experimental sound Flight Club displayed. I truly enjoyed All Hell a lot from the vocal ranges presented to the explosive guitar throughout the track. The transition from a heavy track to the soft, pleasant sounds of Strangers After showed me that Flight Club clearly put their all into this record. I definitely wasn’t expecting this sound from Flight Club, but I truly loved every minute of it. Like I said before, Recreational Love was definitely an EP that stuck out for me this year. Check out Flight Club’s EP Recreational Love on preferred streaming service!