'Pride & Disaster'- Sleep On It Review

Written by: Julie Vega

As the fall approaches, Chicago’s very own Sleep On It releases their second studio album, Pride & Disaster. The group takes a new approach with this album as they discuss the narrative of struggling to learn how to grow as an individual. 

                          I. There’s a Long Road Ahead of Me 

The narrative starts with identifying the stressors in the narrator's life and that their  searching for help. In both Racing Towards A Red Light and Hold Your Breath, Zech’s declilate vocals sets the theme for the two songs. As he carefully chooses which phrases to emphasize such as “We’re not ready yet”, in terms of not ready to receive help or improve. The narrative continues with Babe Ruth as the song focuses reminiscing on the past and not letting this battle end just yet. Present in both Under The Moment and Fix The Dark, the narrator discusses getting help once again. The struggles of holding in the stressors have caused a cry for help and learning the lesson of letting the stressors go. This battle is being fought alone, but it’s opening new doors for the narrator as they state, “Cause’ on my own, I’m learning to let go.” The first chapter of the narrative comes to a close with After Tonight on understanding [ast relationships. The hypnotic vocals of Zech captures the audience with the lively song and the chapters its ending. The narrator discusses on being there for someone even though the person isn’t good for them. This focuses on trying to let that person out of their life, but this is just the first step of realization. The first chapter of the narrative comes to an end and presents a new chapter on the narrator's life. 

II. This Place Will Always Be Home

In Take Me Back, the narrator recognizes that they can no longer give back while trying to improve. They come to terms that giving their all has only dug them in a deeper hole and they need to get out of that hole. The Cycle Of Always Leaving follows the same tone as After Tonight on relationships. Zech’s clear vocals presents the song as a rushed yet trapped in someone else’s troubles. The narrator finds their escape in Logan Square. The story shifts towards the journey of improvement. The pleasant, energetic song sets the tone as the narrator finds their way home and figures everything will fall into place. The narrative ends with Lost & Found. The narrator discusses that improvement has been made and that through the struggles, they made it out just fine. The story ends with a soft piano being played out by the last chapter. 

Pride & Disaster leaves the audience with the message that change is possible, however, it’s a long journey. The process of coming to terms with one's issues is a painful task, but the improvement in their lives will show great success in the end. Sleep On It shed light on struggling with yourself, yet they also perfected the understanding of learning on how to grow as a person. Sleep On It didn’t disappoint with this record and I’m positive this record will take them far. Check out Sleep On It on tour with Don Broco and check out Pride & Disaster