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Pollyanna Release Extraordinary Debut LP "Slime"- Review

Written by Megan Langley

Pollyanna caught my attention in 2020 with the infectious “Don’t Stay, Don’t Go”- a song that still to this day has remained one of my favorites in their discography. As well as the subsequent EP “Sugar Coat.”

One noticeable aspect of this record is the fact that the band really hones in on their punk influences this time around, and this is proven instantly through the album’s opening track, “Pixie.” It’s a powerful track that perfectly captures that raw punk rock sound and kickstarts the album strongly.

“SLUT” was a good choice for the lead single of that album, because it shows a crossover between punk and pop-punk, keeping up the tempo from the previous track and delivering catchy guitar riffs and vocal hooks right from the start. “Lush” follows a similar path, with a similarly uptempo rhythm, fascinating performances, and an irresistible guitar solo.

“Smile” feels reminiscent of many of the songs found on “Sugar Coat,” and it brings one of the most memorable choruses offered on the record. “Mars” is another one of the singles from this record and it’ll surely be another favorite amongst fans. The punk rock influences are front and center here, with gritty vocals, darker guitar tones, and an expeditious tempo, and I can easily imagine concertgoers chanting the words and headbanging along when the band plays this live.

“Pathetic” contrasts quite a bit from the tracks before it, as the vocals and guitars deliver a softer timbre, and the song’s overall tone brings a nice change of pace to the record. “Okay.” picks up right where “Mars” left off, and is one of the record’s highlights. The vocal performance is guaranteed to grab the attention of listeners, and the furious instrumentals and screamed vocals perfectly show the aggression depicted in brutally honest lyrics such as “you’ll never use me again.”

“Pasadena” is a bit different from some of the other tracks as well, bringing in some cleaner guitar and bass tones and a slower tempo, but it also contains similarly memorable composition. “Relationship Anxiety” leans more towards the alt-rock side of things, and is another major standout on the record, with performances that instantly draw listeners in, preparing for an unforgettable chorus.

“Acid Song” makes a good use of dynamics in regards to the volume, providing an intriguing contrast between the verses and choruses. Second to last is “Jado,” which focuses a lot more on the vocals in the beginning, but more instrumentals gradually get added into the song, and it becomes a bigger, more anthemic ballad as time passes. The closer, “who do you want me to be?” has a much softer tone, especially in the verses, and the emotive performances in the song’s final sections conclude the album very well.

With enthralling tracks all throughout, “Slime” is an extraordinary debut LP from Pollyanna.

“Slime” is available on all streaming platforms. You can support the band by following them on Twitter @pollyannaNJ and buying merch from their Bandcamp and the I Surrender Records store.

If you’ve heard the album, be sure to let us know what you think by tweeting us @lgndsoftmrw!


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