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Pollyanna Preface Upcoming Release With Memorable New Single "Monster"- Review

Written by Megan Langley

Upon hearing Pollyanna’s single “Don’t Stay, Don’t Go,” I was very impressed, and was highly anticipating the EP that followed later that year, “Sugar Coat.” That EP was a very enjoyable one overall, and just under a year after its initial release, the band is preparing to expand it with a deluxe reissue, which includes their brand new single, “Monster.”

The song starts off more simplistically, led by the acoustic guitar and a softer vocal performance. The dissonance in the chords instantly intrigued me, and that’s one element of the song in particular that really stands out overall.

Speaking of, the song’s lyrics also caught my attention, especially the lines of the main hook, “I’m a monster and there’s no saving me, and there’s no changing me / I’m a monster and you can’t fix me.”

Later on in the song, the volume suddenly gets cranked up, and at this point, more instrumentals and backing vocals join in, and the vocals become much more prominent. The extra layers of guitar parts add more emphasis to the track, and the vocals bring an emotive performance during the second verse and the return of the chorus.

Even more guitars and bass come in right before the outro, where the song ends similarly to how it started out.

With “Monster,” Pollyanna has created yet another very enjoyable and memorable track that will leave fans excited to see what else the deluxe reissue of “Sugar Coat” has in store.

“Monster” is now available on all streaming platforms, and “Sugar Coat (Deluxe)” will be released on November 5th. You can keep up with the band on Twitter @pollyannanj, pre-order “Sugar Coat (Deluxe)” from I Surrender Records, and pick up some merch from Pollyanna’s Bandcamp.

If you’ve heard the single, be sure to let us know what you think by tweeting us @lgndsoftmrw!

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