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Peach Face Wows With New EP- "Dirt" Review

Written by Astrid Elstrom

On May 28th, Baltimore-based artist Alison Ramírez, also known as Peach Face, released her debut EP, "DIRT." The EP features singles such as “Grilled Cheese” and “Lady Bird," with her latest track being “Dirt Boy,” featuring Not Charles.

In celebration of the EP’s release, Ramírez announced a show at Baltimore’s Ottobar with Modern Nomad, which has since sold out!

The rhythmic tracks offer a nostalgic ambiance. For example, in “Lady Bird,” featuring Mandicimo, the song starts with birds off in the distance, representing the imagery of being surrounded by nature on a warm summer day.

Even in the EP's relaxed, lo-fi pop atmosphere, Ramírez details solemn verses about the feeling of longing for someone and uncertainty. This theme is especially prevalent in the final track, “Basement Show,” a personal favorite.

The refrain states, “I bet you wish you never met the girl from the crowd of a basement show,” and goes on to talk about how the subject of the song is better off alone.

Overall the album features a stunning indie, electro-pop feel. "DIRT" is the perfect album for any feel-good or summer playlist.

If you’re a fan of artists such as Sidney Gish or Snail Mail, seriously consider checking out "DIRT" if you’re looking to find a stellar, new, and upcoming artist. Also, make sure to check out the music video she has put out for “Dirt Boy,” which is now available to watch on her Youtube channel.

"DIRT' is available to stream wherever you stream music. You can also support Peach Face by following her on Twitter @hey_peachface. While you're there, let us know what you think by tweeting us @lgndsoftmrw!


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