Ouch- Lilac Queen Review

Written by: Julie Vega

In 2019, the music scene grew stronger everyday. With releases from upcoming artists and groups, Lilac Queen doesn’t stray far from this. Lilac Queen debuted with their vibrant single, Ouch. Ouch is definitely one of the most unique songs to come out this year. The mix of clean and unclean vocals correlate well with the female vocals. On top of that, the heavy and loud guitar throughout the song defines the song as a whole. 

The chorus of Ouch truly brings out the best. The soft drumming sets the calming mood after the booming vocals and guitar. The soft spoken female vocals also emphasizes the calming mood. The whispering vocals fading the track away brings Ouch to an end. Not only does this guide the song on a soothing end, it also brings me into wanting more from Lilac Queen.

All in all, I truly love this single from them. The impressive vocals and sharp sounds creates such a wonderful single. Listening to Ouch for the first time, I cannot describe how peaceful I felt. Truly, I’m very impressed by Lilac Queen and I cannot wait to hear more from them! Ouch is definitely one of my favorite songs of 2019. Check out Lilac Queen on Twitter and listen to Ouch on Spotify!