"Moneypit"- Moneypit Review

Written by: Julieta Vega

Bandcamp introduces music lovers to hidden gems that could even be from their own small town. On new releases, Moneypit’s self-titled EP was at the front and center. A post-alternative emo group from Dayton, Ohio put out a five-track EP filled with experimental vocals, genre-blending, and upbeat instrumentals. In short, Moneypit’s EP was meant to be discovered. 

The EP opens with memorable, fast drumming that leads into the gravelly vocals of the frontman. "The Great Thief" is a fantastic track to start the EP as it gives the audience a taste of what the rest of the release will sound like. In between the chorus, the vocalist begins to soften his voice and let the lyrics flow into more of a harmony.

Up next is "Blue", a soft yet cheery track. The song was previously released acoustically but was later on released as a single for the EP. The incorporation of autotune is used towards the ending of "Blue" which adds an experimental twist.

"Loser" is very different from the first two songs on this project, opening with unclean vocals and heavier instrumentals compared to the previous tracks. The mix of muddy and clean vocals blend well together.

Once again, Moneypit is able to balance contrasting tracks with "Phase." The song opens with a slow, peaceful beginning and more melodic lyrics.

It then fades out and leads into the longest track, reaching almost seven minutes, "Ghost." Here, an acoustic opening transitions into booming lyrics that are peaceful and speak from the heart of personal issues. The track gives the sensation of releasing all the pain held in finally out.

All in all, Moneypit put out an incredible EP filled with strong tracks. I’m very excited about what else they have in store!

You can check out Moneypit wherever you listen to music and keep up with them by following them on Instagram @moneypitisnotgood. If you gave this release a listen, let us know what you thought by tweeting us @lgndsoftmrw!