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Marigold Take Listeners to “A Better Place” With New Album- Review

Written by Megan Langley

Benjamin Lieber is a well-known creative director for many bands in the alternative music scene, partaking in the process of making album artwork and music videos. In 2018, he began a new creative endeavor in the form of his latest musical project, Marigold.

After a handful of solo releases, Marigold turned into a full band with the addition of drummer Joe Enright, bassist Matt Herman, and second guitarist Kris Khunachak. 2021 and 2022 have been spent leading up to the band’s first release as a four-piece, and that release, “A Better Place” is finally here.

“ORANGEBLUE” is second up, led mostly by plucked acoustic guitar with some piano mixed in, and the reverb and delay effects used on these instruments create an atmospheric tone that make the song very pleasant to listen to. The name of this song is a significant part of this album, as the album artwork consists of an orange dot and a blue dot, and the phrase “orangeblue” is incorporated into some of the lyrics of future tracks.

“Alpenglow” feels a bit more uptempo than the previous two tracks, with the percussion standing out in the mix as it keeps that rhythm going, and the chorus brings back that atmospheric, dreamy tone heard on the previous track.

The lyrics really caught my attention as well, as Lieber admits “Nothing is scaring me faster than not knowing who or what I should believe” in verse two, and the first two lines within the chorus feel just as reflective (“I just can't leave it all behind, it still makes me feel so alive / But I miss the peace and the quiet, pour wine and dream of who I want to be”).

“Mountainside” focuses on some folk and acoustic influences, led by plucked acoustic guitar and a beautiful vocal performance that makes it peaceful to listen to. “Waiting Around,” on the other hand, leans more towards the indie side, driven initially by some synths, acoustic guitar, and softer percussion (as well as the vocals) before more layers of instruments lead the chorus.

“Ginger Chew” also seems to incorporate some slight folk influences, and the melodies and guitar riffs on this one are very catchy. One lyrical theme touched on throughout the album is getting into a relationship during the pandemic, and this track’s lyrics are a strong example of that: “When nothing’s everything to do, when the world is so skewed / Spotlight in the dark, you’re breaking through / Need the ORANGEBLUE, but only if you’re watching it too.”

“Roses On The Floor” is a laid-back ballad led by simple, yet sophisticated guitars and mesmerizing vocals before the drums and bass eventually join in. Second to last is the album’s title track, “A Better Place,” which does a great job of combining the various influences heard throughout the entire record thus far and brings some more catchy melodies within the choruses.

Closing out the album is “Apple Cheeks,” a six-minute long track originally consisting of just an acoustic guitar and vocals once again, but more instruments gradually get added in as the song goes on. The lyrics on this song also circle back to the aforementioned lyrical theme of a relationship.

On “A Better Place,” Marigold seamlessly blends together multiple genres to create a polished and phenomenal release.

“A Better Place” is available on all streaming platforms. You can keep up with the band on Twitter @marigoldNY and pick up merchandise from their merch store. If you’ve heard the album, be sure to let us know what you think by tweeting us @lgndsoftmrw!

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