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Led by Lanterns Release Exciting New Album-"Paralysis"

Written by Isabella Flynn

UK based rock band, Led by Lanterns has been putting out music since 2016, had their first EP put out into the world in 2018 and now self-released their debut record "Paralysis", in 2022.

There are so many things that make this an impressive debut. First off, this record sounds so clean and polished that it would make it hard to believe that this is a debut record.

Second, the opening track features Trash Boat’s Tobi Duncan. And third, Led by Lanterns have proved that they are incredibly confident in what their sound is. This album has definitely proved to new listeners that Led by Lanterns are a band that you should keep your eyes on.

The opening track, “Alive” starts with a sound effect similar to a heartbeat, but then cuts to an upbeat instrumental which gives the listener the idea that this will be a very drum-heavy track, but then evolves into a very guitar heavy track.

"Alive" draws the user in immediately, and Tobi Duncan of Trash Boat making an appearance on the track towards the end is a pleasant surprise to the listener.

The title track, “Paralysis”, instrumentally speaking, still manages to stay in line with the idea that the instrumentals of this album are high energy, but it creates a shift to a song that is much darker in tone. The instrumentals here aren’t dominant throughout the entire song, but are in the background at a much softer volume compared to the instrumentals in “Alive”.

"Paralysis" as a whole is a diverse record. There are soft songs, “hard rock” songs, and everything in between. There is something for everyone on this record, something for everyone to listen to no matter what mood they’re in.

The heavier sounding songs such as “Six Feet Down” and my personal favorite, “Catacombs” are a pleasant surprise. They still have the high energy that is present throughout the rest of the album, but they have more of a “metalcore” feel to it.

Opening these two songs with a scream and then cutting to another track filled with groovy instrumentals that will have you either full blown headbanging, or just tapping your feet as you listen.

When looking at the lyrics, the idea of "Paralysis" being a high energy album with groovy, can always vibe to no matter the circumstances changes. In short, the lyrics are dark, but the theme throughout them is consistent.

The lyrics are centered about mental health, and similar subjects as well. As a whole, the album explores ideas of self worth, struggling to let go of the past, and being able to fully live in the present despite struggling mentally.

As a whole, however, this is an incredible debut that has proven to everyone that Led by Lanterns is a band that you should keep your eyes on. Despite the darker lyrics and the content/themes discussed in said lyrics, the groovy instrumentals can take your mind off of the lyrics and let you focus on enjoying the music in any way, shape, or form.

"Paralysis" is available wherever you stream your music and you can follow Led by Lanterns on Twitter @LedbyLanterns! As always, be sure to let us know your thoughts on this album by tweeting us @lgndsoftmrw!

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