"Leave Me Alone" - IDKHOW BUT THEY FOUND ME Review

Written by Julieta Vega

IDKHOW BUT THEY FOUND ME is back with a single and announced their long-awaited album "Razzmatazz!" Made up of former Panic! At The Disco member Dallon Weekes and former Falling in Reverse drummer Ryan Seaman, alternative duo IDKHOW made their name three years ago with the song "Modern Day Cain."

They're finally back and better than ever now with their newest single, "Leave Me Alone." The song introduces the audience to "Razzmatazz" with vocalist Dallon Weekes’ energetic, loud vocals and technopop influences, making it the perfect track to kick off this era with.

"Leave Me Alone" begins with a mix of drum beats and vocal distortions, which then transitions into Dallon’s vocals. His voice compliments the percussion, changing his pitch to match the beats.

During the bridge of the song, Dallon’s voice becomes lower in pitch and isolated, as the drum beats lower and slow down as well. The technopop influence is mainly heard towards the end of the track with funky guitars, warped drum beats, and effects of robot-like sounds, all combining for a fantastic ending.

Contrasting the fun sound, the lyrics of "Leave Me Alone" are filled with darker, more intense imagery. It was definitely surprising to hear lines like “Go fly a kite until you’re tangled in the hanging tree”, with a catchy beat behind it.

However, this didn't take away from the song; it made it more captivating. The individual members of IDKHOW have the talent to incorporate their own styles and influences, and "Leave Me Alone" is a perfect example.

With Dallon’s experience as a keyboardist and lyricist paired with Ryan’s experience as a drummer, it’s no surprise the group was able to work so well together. Fans have been waiting patiently for IDKHOW to release their debut album, which will finally happen on October 16th.

While those fans wait for more news on the band, they can enjoy the band's lyric video for "Leave Me Alone" and stream it wherever they listen to music. All in all, I enjoyed this track and I cannot wait to see what will come from "Razzmatazz."