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Interview: Never Loved's Cameron Knopp

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Interview by: Leah Haviland

Photo by: Jamary Bobe

I got the chance to ask Cameron Knopp, lead singer of the Alternative Rock band ‘Never Loved’, a few questions about tour, upcoming music and more! Never Loved just recently put out their debut ep, “Never Loved” earlier this year in March! Check out the ep and their new song “Where Do I Go From Here?” on any music streaming platform, and, go follow them on social media to keep up with new music and tours! it’s @neverlovedmusic via instagram and @neverlovedmusic via twitter.

The tour with Like Pacific and Sleep On It coming up, what are you most excited for?

      Honestly I’m excited for every band; they’re all kickass!

Going off of that, what’s your favorite song by all of the bands?

         I honestly couldn’t pick a favorite from each at the moment as I haven’t had a chance to listen to everyone’s full discography yet.

Whats your favorite tour memory? It can be from any tour or any show.

         I’d have to say Chicago when our alien Paul (from the WDIGFH) made his crowd surfing debut.

What is the most important thing about preforming, in your opinion?

        Resonating and connecting with the audience.

Going off of that as well, Whats the best thing about preforming?

        It’s cathartic in a way. When you’re on stage nothing else really matters and you have the most fun.

Where is your favorite place to tour? Favorite Venue and City?

       Bottom Lounge in Chicago.

What are your top 3 tour essentials?

       Advil, water, Celsius!

Do you have a least favorite Never Loved song and why is it your least favorite?

        It’s a tough question but I’ll honestly have to go with WDIGFH. I truly love the song, but if I had to pick a least favorite its that song. Our first EP holds a special place in my heart since it’s our fists release hence why WDIGFH is my choice.

If you could tour anywhere in the world, where would you tour and who would you bring with as openers? Or, who would you want to open for?

          It would be awesome to tour with Green Day in Europe.

Last question! What will we be expecting from Never Loved later on in 2019 and the next year?

        More of everything! :)

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