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In Her Own Words With High-Energy New Single- "Leaving Forever" Review

Los Angeles five-piece In Her Own Words released their latest single “Leaving Forever” onto all streaming platforms November 11th. Following the release of “Leaving Forever,” the single’s music video also premiered on the Thriller Records Youtube channel (which you can find here). The latest single is their first single since the release of their album “Steady Glow” in 2019.

The track opens with an infectious energy that prepares its listener for the rest of the song. With an explosive energy that keeps steady throughout the song with crashing and busy drums along with rhythmic guitars, In Her Own Words manages to keep you waiting for what is to come next. Vocally, the song matches the energy brought by the hard hitting drums and smooth yet fast paced guitar fills, as it increases in intensity throughout the explosive chorus.

The instrumental and vocal performance alone would make you want to keep “Leaving Forever” on repeat, but the lyrical content will have you ready to buy tickets to the next In Her Own Words show so you can scream the words from the crowd.

Lyrically the song details making the decision to finally leave a relationship in the past. Lyrics like “What’s the point if we’re not moving any faster? / You pull me under, now we’re stuck in a disaster / Don’t you know it’s hard to grow without laughter in the end?” show this feeling of finally reaching the breaking point and needing to move on.

If you enjoyed “Leaving Forever,” make sure to follow In Her Own Words on Twitter @InHerOwnWords. You can also support In Her Own Words by purchasing their merch here! Don’t forget to tweet us @lgndsoftmrw and tell us what you thought of “Leaving Forever!”

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