IDKHOW Finds Beauty in Quarantine - "RAZZMATAZZ" Album Review

Written by Julieta Vega

After being pushed back, I DON’T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME have finally released their debut album, "RAZZMATAZZ." The duo, made up of former Panic! At The Disco bassist Dallon Weekes and former Falling In Reverse drummer Ryan Seaman, have been red-hot after gaining attention from releasing their single “Modern Day Cain” in 2017.

The group continued to release singles even after being signed to Fearless Records in 2018. Now, IDKHOW's newest album incorporates Dallon’s stunning vocals and the duo’s great ability to combine their own genre styles. 

"RAZZMATAZZ" opens with “Leave Me Alone”, which was previously released as a single. The track opens with a unique use of a synthesizer and Dallon’s booming vocals.

Throughout the album, IDKHOW's use of different instruments is apparent and well-orchestrated. One of the best examples is in “Nobody Likes The Opening Band”, where the duo incorporates a catchy piano tone and a jazzy tambourine.

The influence of jazz was also clear in “From The Gallows”, thanks to the saxophone towards the end of the track. Lastly, in “Clusterhug”, the duo incorporates a nostalgic electronic-house influence towards the end; unexpected, yet flows greatly with the track's upbeat vibe. 

The band manages to blend their own musical styles throughout "RAZZMATAZZ" and also dabble into new territories. In tracks like “Sugar Pills”, IDKHOW dips their toes into an indie-pop track, made complete with Dallon’s high-pitched vocals and rhythmic beats.

The next tracks, “Kiss Goodnight” and “Lights Go Down”, are both are heavily influenced by indie-pop styles. However, “Need You Here” is more of a personal ode dedicated to Dallon’s children.

The song features his children singing along as he tells them, “There is no other place in this world that I'd rather be / If I can't be at home then I'll send my apologies to you.” Similar to “Need You Here”, “Door” follows a pattern of soft-spoken lyrics.

“Door” is one of the slower songs in "RAZZMATAZZ" and helps bring the album to a close. Finally, title track “RAZZMATAZZ” closes the album with a jazz-style ending filled with saxophones and Ryan’s theatric drumming. 

IDHOW’s gift of blending genres and bringing their own twist makes "RAZZAMATAZZ" into a superb debut album, the duo’s unique lineup and background filling it with a blend of indie, jazz, and electronica influences. By far, the standout tracks are definitely “From The Gallows”, “Lights Go Down”, and “Door.”

"RAZZMATAZZ" is available to stream everywhere you listen to music, and you can show the band some love by following them on Twitter @iDKHOW and picking up some merch. If you've checked out this record, let us know what you thought by tweeting us @lgndsoftmrw!