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Highwind Release Honest Single- “Fine for You” Review

New Jersey based project, Highwind, was originally made up of Chris Russo, who had been putting music out into the world since 2018, since the release of “Afterlife (How’ve You Been?)”. In 2022, the solo project became a duo when drummer Dan Smith joined the band.

Regardless, if Highwind was a solo project or a duo, they have proven themselves time and time again that they are an artist you should keep your eyes on.

In 2022, with the new year just starting, it’s an exciting time to be a music fan. There are so many new artists to keep your eyes on, and more established ones are setting themselves up to release possibly the best album they’ve ever put out in their entire career.

Highwind is part of the category that is made up of “so many new artists to keep your eyes on”.

On January 28th, the now duo released the single, “Fine for You” and it’s definitely setting the stage for not only a new era, but also a new chapter in the band’s career. Going off the release of this one song, this is proof that the next chapter in Highwind’s career is going to be even better than the one before, and is full of promise.

“Fine for You” is true to the pop-rock sound that we were first introduced to Highwind with, despite the fact it is on the softer side of the music spectrum. It’s mellow, but’s vibey.

It’s a pleasant track instrumentally speaking, with the soft, slow tempo drum beats on top of the slight electronic instrumentals and guitar riffs throughout, with the soft-spoken sounding vocals from Chris.

Lyrically speaking, it’s clear that this song is very honest and relatable. Assumably it’s about this struggle we can have about never being good enough for anyone, and just trying to settle for ourselves.

And when feeling this way, personally speaking, occasionally we get this idea to completely change everything about ourselves, hoping it’ll please everyone else, even if it reaches a point where we end up not liking this “rebooted” version of ourselves. If you, or anyone else has struggled with not only self acceptance but also trying to gain acceptance from others, you will definitely feel some form of attachment to this song.

Personally speaking, upon the first listen, I thought “Fine For You” was inspired by The Maine because of the instrumental structure being very similar to the more slower sounding songs from that group. Despite the similarities between the two musicians and their instrumentals, “Fine for You” is a song that still manages to sound completely original in all aspects.

“Fine For You” is available wherever you stream your music, so be sure to stream it when you can. And be sure to follow Highwind on Twitter @HighwindBandNJ!

Let us know your thoughts on the track and share your excitement for the future of Highwind by tweeting us @lgndsoftmrw!


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