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Having Honest "Conversations" With Penny Bored- Review

On February 25th, Penny Bored released their latest single “Conversations” on all streaming platforms. The three-minute track's release was accompanied by its music video.

Prior to the single’s release, a quiz on the Penny Bored website allowed for fans to see “what 90’s character they are” along with small clips from the music video.

Penny Bored’s Faith Alesia revealed on Twitter that “Conversations” started when inspiration struck them at work and they wrote some lyrics onto sticky notes. That song has since evolved into a vulnerable confession backed by high-energy drums and chugging guitar progression.

Lyrically, “Conversations” details the struggles of needing space in order to figure things out. With lyrics like “Constant fog / stitched around the frame / Heart beats so fast / I start to shake” showing the anxiety surrounding the inability to articulate those needs out loud.

Alesia also discusses the feeling of longing to escape these anxiety-inducing situations with lyrics such as “Maybe get some sleep tonight / And dream of another life.”

Alesia manages to pair these confessional lyrics with high-energy vocals and instrumentals to help mask the cynicism lying in the lyrics. “Conversations” opens with a mellow beat that slowly is replaced by a guitar that welcomes in some hard-hitting drums. This energy carries throughout the song, keeping “Conversations” a catchy, upbeat pop-punk banger!

You can stream “Conversations” on all streaming service platforms now! You can watch the music video here and take the accompanying quiz here.

Keeping up with Penny Bored is as easy as following them on Twitter @pennyboredband and if you would like to support them, you can buy their merchandise here. Don’t forget to tweet us @lgndsoftmrw and tell us what you thought of “Conversations!”

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