Good Noise Records Releases Irresistible One Direction DIY Cover Compilation - Review

Cover by Deckard

Written by Julieta Vega

It’s been five years since One Direction went their separate ways. Each member broke out in their unique way and created a successful career for themselves, while their music is still appreciated and loved all over the world.

Good Noise Records, who run a podcast of the same name, released a cover compilation of both popular and underrated One Direction songs performed by some of our favorite DIY artists. From tracks like “Little Things” to “Never Enough”, this will certainly take you for a trip down memory lane.

The compilation opens with toys ‘r’ us deli counter’s cover of “More Than This.” The soft vocals and acoustic guitars open the album nicely, offering a blissful tone.

Next, Calling Down Fire presents their cover of “Everything About You.” The band puts their own spin on the party anthem, including a dash of unclean vocals.

Emo group Week Knees then delivers a rendition of “Kiss You.” This pop hit is turned into a rock-influenced track, making it one-of-a-kind.

The compilation continues with svfeplvce’s cover of “Little Things.” Their version brings a twist to the acoustic love song, and the vocals are mesmerizing.

UNSUPPORTED AND PROUD and Boxkitty bring the energy on a hyper-pop cover of “Best Song Ever.” The track already has fun lyrics, and these artists take it to a new level.

Pulses' lead singer Matt Burridge sings beautifully on his own version of “Story of My Life.” The cover features a slow beat under Burridge's angelic vocals, bringing a ton of emotion.

Up next, pop group shallow pools present their cover of the sweet ballad “Diana,” and an excellent vocal performance takes center stage. The same can be said for Fox Teeth’s cover of “You and I”, another acoustic ballad with emotional vocal delivery.

Switching over to more of the radio hits, space dust puts their own spin on “No Control.” The fan-favorite is transformed from a pop anthem to a track with a ton of punk influence.

Next, indie-folk group 2:00AM Wake Up Call delivers on a rendition of the beautiful track “Spaces.” The band's original genre differs from One Direction's usual style, but it works perfectly.

Another fan-favorite, the ever-so-catchy “Perfect”, is made even more special by ACT 20, once again combining genres to make an interesting track. Arizona group Sympathy Card recorded a version of underrated track “Never Enough”, letting their emo-alternative sound breathe new life into the song n a mesmerizing way.

Beginning the final stretch of the album is “What a Feeling” by Riverby. The cover is different from the original for sure, but is great in its own unique way.

The compilation ends with Saint Judas covering “A.M.” The vocal delivery matches the song perfectly, turning the track into an emo classic.

Whether you're a fan of boy bands, DIY bands, both, or neither, there's something on this album for everyone. You can support the artists by checking them out on social media (included in each section) and checking out the compilation on Bandcamp. Share your favorite tracks with us by tweeting us @lgndsoftmrw!