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FRND CRCL Show a New Side to Their Sound With New Single- "LIFEOFTHEPARTY" Review

Written by Megan Langley

Last year, New Jersey-based pop-punk band FRND CRCL followed up a very busy 2020 with two additional tracks, “Complications” and “Quitters." Now they’re starting off 2022 by continuing this streak of singles with their latest release, “LIFEOFTHEPARTY.”

The bass takes the lead at first, leading the rhythm before some gritty guitars, crushing drums, and shouted vocals join in over the phrase “I feel alive!” which is the main hook repeated many times throughout the choruses of the track. This song definitely leans towards the “punk” side of the pop-punk genre, mixing in hints of grunge as well.

Production wise, this track helped display these influences very well, mainly the tones used on the electric guitars, as well as the vocal effects used to make the performance sound a lot more prominent in the mix. The lead guitar lines in the bridge are very catchy, and while the third verse is reminiscent of the intro (focusing only on the bass and the vocals), it’s not long before the hard-hitting drums return to build up to the chorus once again.

The main lyrical theme of this track is the experience of being a more introverted person attending a party or other large social gathering, and quite a few lyrics on here seemingly go inside the mind of the introvert while in that exact scenario.

The song explains how someone could feel like their “head’s in outer space” while in that environment, and continues to recall how that person felt on the night of a party. “LIFEOFTHEPARTY” blends unforgettable hooks and upbeat instrumentals and shows a new side to FRND CRCL’s music.

“LIFEOFTHEPARTY” is available on all streaming platforms. Be sure to keep up with FRND CRCL on Twitter @FRNDCRCL, pick up something from their official merch store.

If you’ve heard the track, let us know what you think by tweeting us @lgndsoftmrw!

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