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FRND CRCL Release Unforgettable New Single "Quitters"

Written by Megan Langley FRND CRCL first had my attention with their single “Famous,” and they followed that up with an incredible sophomore LP “Internet Noise” later on in 2020. Since then, they’ve dropped a few more singles, and the end of October brought their latest track, “Quitters.”

Clean guitars drive the song’s intro, while the bass and drums are more prominent within the first verse as they help carry the rhythm. The riffs that the bass offers are just as catchy as the melodies during that section, and harder-hitting guitars quickly come in to help prepare for the song’s huge chorus.

The lead guitar parts during that section are very memorable and another highlight of the track, and the backing vocals in the second verse deliver lines that fans will undoubtedly be shouting right back at the band when they play the track in a live setting. The transition between the chorus and the bridge also contains some catchy lead guitar parts, while the bridge brings a change of pace to the track with the quieter dynamics.

The anthemic final chorus contrasts from the bridge in that aspect, and the phenomenal vocal performance during this section is one of the biggest standout moments from the entire track.

The melodies and instrumentals are all unforgettable, and “Quitters” is yet another strong single from FRND CRCL.

“Quitters” is available on all streaming platforms. You can keep up with FRND CRCL on Twitter @frndcrcl, and be sure to pick something up from their merch store! If you’ve heard the track, let us know what you think by tweeting us @lgndsoftmrw!


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