'Friends'- Chapel Review

Written by Julie Vega

Chapel made their return to the scene with their single, Friends ! Ever since the release of their EP, Sunday Brunch in 2017, fans have been anticipating the return of the duo. After seeing Chapel tweet about their single, fans were pumped to hear them after two years. Chapel introduced a new sound and brought in some inspiration from Sunday Brunch

Carter’s vocals were very smooth and made Friends sound like a groovy song you’ll hear on a fall afternoon. The dynamics of both vocals towards the chorus made Friends so catchy and danceable. On top of that, Courtneys drumming gave a bustling energy to the single, making it more jumpy and alive. 

The lyrics to Friends created such a relatable feeling while listening to it. The verse “I’m alone, I just need some fucking friends” connected with me and made me enjoy the song more. Chapel has always been able to relate to their audience and create great content along the way. Just like in Sunday Brunch, Chapel gained their fanbase by appealing to them with their catchy and poppy sound. On top of that, their lyrics worked well with their lively sound. Another verse that I found fitting was “I’m coming home.” The verse felt fitting as Chapel just returned to the scene : their home. I felt so much joy hearing this and I couldn’t help, but thank Chapel for coming back! 

Nonetheless, I’m excited for what's to come from Chapel. Noticing from their socials, it seems Chapel is going to release more content soon! I personally cannot wait! What are your thoughts on the single? Are you excited for Chapel coming back?