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"For A Moment We Were All Alone" With Tiny Kingdoms- Review

Written by Astrid Elstrom

On October 8th, local Chicago band Tiny Kingdoms released their latest EP "For A Moment We Were All Alone." The release was announced back in early September with the release of their fast-paced single, “Overture II.” Along with the release of the EP, the group also put out a new single titled “YUNA!”

“Overture II” is perfectly reminiscent of the days of Warped Tour and Riot Fest. Drummer Jake Newling describes the track as “the anthem for having high hopes but not being pleased with your results. Working hard doesn’t always guarantee success, which doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep trying, but it’s hard to work through the discouragement.”

“Yuna” is a stand out track just for interpreting the nature of being about impulsivity and the duality of a person, with one of the first lines being, “I draw quick, don’t blink, shoot first / Say you want to know me / Well I hope you’re prepared for the worst.”

A delightful aspect of the EP is the instrumentals and bouncy guitar riffs that appear throughout whether you’re listening to “Yuna” or “Semi-Sweet.” The trajectory of the tracks starts with the high energy of “Overture II” and ends with the mellow and laid-back club atmosphere in the final track.

If you are a fan of bands such as Seaway, Bearings, or Taking Back Sunday, you should consider keeping Tiny Kingdoms on your radar. Overall, "For A Moment We Were All Alone" is an excellent example of a mature Midwestern pop-punk sound as it is progressing.

Make sure to support Tiny Kingdoms by following them on Twitter @TinyKingdomsIL and picking up some of their merch here!

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