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Flight Club Brings More to the Table With "Patterns (Reimagined)"- Review

On April 22nd, the Richmond, Virginia band Flight Club released reworked versions of their song “Patterns.” This release featured the original version from the band’s 2021 album “Until the Sun Drowns,” as well as a lofi version and a lofi instrumental version.

The lofi versions of “Patterns” takes the high energy song and strips it back into very calming tracks. The original version uses droning guitars, pounding drums, and high energy vocals to tell the story of how your experiences mold you into the person that you are. This idea is present in lyrics like “all the places you’ve been through / from the sweet to the sour / memories that have shaped you.”

Although the new lofi version is the same song with the same lyrics, it uses more mellow vocals with more melodic guitar and piano parts in order to strip back the song and give it a more sentimental tone. The instrumental track does not feature any of the more mellowed vocals but instead provides a more clear listening experience to the instrumentals used in the lofi version.

The reworked releases of “Patterns” were also released alongside a visual that can be watched on Youtube here! The music video is an animated video that features a figure following a butterfly out of a room and into a new realm.

Throughout the video the figure meets a new individual that they carry within themself and outruns the forces that are working against them to meet with the butterfly once again. This animated video is set to the original version of patterns!

All three versions of “Patterns” are now available to listen to on all streaming services! You can support Flight Club by following them on Twitter @flightclubva and by purchasing their merchandise here!

Don’t forget to tweet us @lgndsoftmrw and tell us what you thought of all three versions of “Patterns!”

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