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Fire by Night Releases Killer New Track- "Obsessions" Review

On October 15th, the Phoenix-based, hard-rock band Fire by Night released their latest single “Obsessions” on all streaming platforms. This is the trio's third single following the release of their self-titled EP early this year.

“Obsessions” opens with a mellow sonic beat that instantly picks up with the help of dreamy sounding guitar parts. Steady drums keep the pace through the first verse until the assistance of the guitars, this time with heavy distortion, help drive the song forward.

Passionate vocals help guide the song through the rest of the verse and into the chorus before returning it to the familiar mellow beginning sound for the next verse. Sustained notes held by lead vocalist Kai Maten starts a transition out of the second chorus and into a tension-building bridge of echoing ohs.

The tension breaks as gritty vocals performed by Maten, only shortly to be followed by guitar solo steals the show. The single showcases high-energy from all members with crashing drums, shredding guitars, and powerhouse vocals before fading to a whimsical outro that reminds one of wind chime.

The progression between the phases of tranquility against the moments carried by high-energy instrumentals perfectly accompanies the confusing uncertainty that comes with trying to love while dealing with mental illness. This theme is highlighted throughout “Obsessions” in lyrics such as “So if you’ve got something to say, well I hope that you know it won’t stop any pain. I just can’t get enough. Hold myself together until you call my bluff.”

You can keep up with Fire by Night by following them on Instagram @FireByNightOfficial! You can also support them by buying their merchandise on their website here!

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