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Drug Church Wows On New Release- "Hygiene" Review

Albany, New York-based post-hardcore band Drug Church released their latest album “Hygiene” on March 10th. This is the band’s second album since signing with Pure Noise Records. “Hygiene” features the singles “Detective Lieutenant,” “Million Miles of Fun,” “World Impact,” and Premium Offer.”

This album expands on the sounds explored in their previous records while managing to keep listeners engaged with new sounds. With this record, Drug Church really refines the distinct elements of their music from the visceral lyrics detailing different events and relevant issues to the sirening guitars.

This album features so many different instrumental breakdowns that escalate in the background as vocals are brought in. These instrumentals will keep listeners replaying sections just to pick out the different cadences of each element that comprises it.

My personal favorite song off the record, “Fun’s Over” is the first song on the tracklist and sets the precedent for the tone of the album. “Fun’s Over” opens with a heavy bass in the intro that leads into a more mellow verse before finally exploding into a chorus driven by the chugging bass and guitar reminiscent of an alarm.

The alternating between contrasts of feelings conveyed sonically with the building and releasing of tension is something explored further throughout the record.

With “Hygiene,” Drug Church manages to expand in their sound without becoming stale or predictable. Drug Church keeps listeners replaying their songs by providing their listeners with a rush of energy from their upbeat and hard-hitting music.

“Hygiene” is available on all streaming platforms. You can keep up with Drug Church by following them on Twitter @DrugChurch! You can support Drug Church by buying their music and merchandise here! Don’t forget to tweet us @lgndsoftmrw and tell us all of your thoughts on “Hygiene!”

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