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Chevelle Releases Aggressive New Single, Announces New Album - “Self Destructor” Review

Written by Jennifer Moglia

Melodic hardcore veterans Chevelle have given fans their first taste of new music since 2016. “Self Destructor”, the lead single off of their upcoming album “Niratias”, was released on January 8th, 2020, accompanied by a music video.

Chevelle formed in 1994, and have since released a handful of live and compilation albums as well as eight studio albums; 1999’s “Point #1”, 2002’s “Wonder What’s Next”, 2004’s “This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In)”, 2007’s “Vena Sera”, 2009’s “Sci-Fi Crimes”, 2011’s “Hats Off to the Bull”, 2014’s “La Gargola”, and, most recently, “The North Corridor” in 2016. They’re most well-known for alternative-rock radio hits like “The Red”, “Face to the Floor”, “Send the Pain Below”, and “Vitamin R (Leading Us Along)’, in addition to their extensive touring career.

“Self Destructor” begins with just the sounds of a guitar and singer Pete Loeffler’s soft vocals creeping in. Things pick up as the first verse continues, with percussion kicking in and each element of the song growing more aggressive.

Stylistically, this single is reminiscent of “Choking Game”, a fan-favorite off of “La Gargola”, both songs including a melodic, guitar-heavy chorus coupled with Loeffler’s at times choppy and at times smooth vocal delivery. Despite this being brothers Pete and Sam Loeffler’s first release as a duo since the departure of bassist Dean Bernardini, they sound just as full of energy as they did on their first few records.

Although the song clocks in at just under six minutes long, it definitely doesn’t feel that long. The constantly changing instrumental and vocal delivery from Loeffler, ranging from whispers to screams, both keep your attention for the entire duration.

Lyrically, this song is incredibly relevant today, with the chorus and pre-chorus referring to people who “don’t care what the science says” and “aren’t right at all.” The verses express a desire to “rescue the mind before it’s gone”, to pass on lessons learned before it’s too late and they “self-destruct”, referring back to the title.

The single ends with a softer piano section, at a similar volume that the song started at, serving as a perfect bookend. It’s also possible that this track’s finish could be a transition to the song it precedes on the album.

“Self Destructor” sees Chevelle stay true to their consistent yet captivating sound, always delivering solid songs both sonically and lyrically. If this song is any indicator of what to expect on “Niratias”, it’s sure to be a great record.

“Self Destructor” is out on all streaming platforms now, and you can support the band by following them on Twitter @ChevelleInc or picking up some merch from their website, including new items for their upcoming album; “Niratias”, due out March 5th, 2021, is available for pre-order on both CD and vinyl now, and will get a full review on our site when it is released! If you gave this single a listen, let us know what you thought by tweeting us @lgndsoftmrw!


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