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Can't Seem to Get The New State Champs Song "Outta My Head" - Review

On September 8th, New York pop-punk band State Champs released their second 2021 single “Outta My Head.” This song follows up their other 2021 single “Just Sound."

Lyrically, “Outta My Head” deals with not being able to take your mind off of someone who is far away, a similar theme to the long-distance dating anthem “Just Sound.” Shown with lyrics like “Always hear you in the background laughing / You know I hate it when you’re not around.”

Sonically, the track opens with echoing vocals and a distorted guitar riff before going into a drum fill that leads to the first verse of the song. This first verse is initially powered by bass before introducing a guitar lick that shortly leads into a chugging guitar riff that carries the rest of the verse into the chorus.

Similarly, the second verse and the bridge both feature lead guitar solos that allow for a break before the loud explosive chorus.

The echoes from the opening of the song return throughout the chorus, accompanied by hard-hitting drums that will have you wanting to get up and headbang to the beat. A highlighted part of this section of the song is the drum fill that leads to the chorus that is repeated with the echoing effect, it provides the perfect amount of tension that leaves listeners ready to sing the catchy chorus.

You can stream “Outta My Head” as well as their previous release of "Just Sound" now on all streaming platforms. You can keep up with State Champs by following them on Twitter @State_Champs! S

tate Champs are also headed on tour with Four Year Strong, Real Friends, Just Friends, and Bearings for the Pure Noise Tour; you can buy your tickets on their website here! Make sure to tweet @lgndsoftmrw to let us know what you thought of “Outta My Head!”

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