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Bent Blue Gives Their All On "Between Your and You're"- Review

If you’re looking for your new favorite hardcore band, look no further because on March 18th, San Diego melodic hardcore band Bent Blue released their album “Between Your and You’re.” The album features the band’s 2022 singles “Wild Words, Strange Sounds” and “Take It Back.”

The album contains seven songs and is barely over sixteen minutes long but keeps listeners engaged with its high energy for every second. Bent blue takes hard-hitting drums, booming bass, melodic guitars paired with their loud feedback, and passionate vocals and gives listeners an incredible hardcore record.

The record is not only full of great musical content that makes listeners want to jump head first into a mosh pit but also features fulfilling and scream-able lyrical content. Songs like “Rungless Ladder” detail the struggles of a generation existing in an unsustainable system with lyrics such as “Their soil / Just chokes your seed / Rigged by them in spite of us,” while “Influence Me” (my personal favorite off the record) provides commentary on brainwashing influencer culture.

“Between Your and You’re” is now available to listen to on all streaming platforms! You can keep up with Bent Blue by following them on their Instagram! If you wish to support Bent Blue, you can do so by pre-ordering their vinyl for “Between Your and You’re” here!

Don’t forget to tweet us @lgndsoftmrw and tell us what you thought of Bent Blue’s latest release!

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