After Entertainment

Written by: Julie Vega

For the past nine years, Waterparks has put out amazing records and grabbed the hearts of many. With the recent success of their third album FANDOM, I wanted to take a step back and focus on Waterparks’ second album, Entertainment. Entertainment was the predecessor for it’s successor FANDOM. Entertainment touched on the issues of relationships and heartbreaks, but not at the same degree as FANDOM. FANDOM expressed anger, disbelief, and sadness while Entertainment discusses the transition of emotions from happiness and sadness. Truly, Entertainment helped Waterparks express their emotions more into their music.

The ten track album opens with 11:11, a melody discussing a love story. Awsten talks about how he feels lucky that he found someone and how he must of found them making a wish during 11:11. Other songs that fit the theme of luck is Lucky People. Again, Awsten discusses how him and his lover are perfect for each other. The tone of the album, at first, felt like a love story coming together. Awsten’s tone throughout these tracks felt as he was in love and couldn’t be any happier. However, towards the end of the album the tracks became sadder. 

We Need to Talk discusses Awsten’s relationship and the pain after the break up. In We Need to Talk Awsten sings “I really thought you were my four-leaf clover, I know I’m lonely but I won’t go over.” Again, Awsten brings up luck. He felt he was lucky with his partner, but that doesn’t mean he will go to her for affection anymore. In TANTRUM, Awsten becomes more vocal about his emotions towards his partner. Towards the end of the song, Awsten calls out the exes of his ex partner and the person who his ex cheated on him with. As much as Awsten’s anger was to his ex in TANTRUM, Crybaby shows the sadder side of the pain. Crybaby discusses Awsten’s pain. Awsten states “Nothing, nothing good comes from late night thinking.” As the verse states, Awsten struggles with overthinking the relationship and how it all leads to bad thoughts. 

Entertainment shows the transformation of Awsten’s emotions throughout his relationship. Even thought Entertainment didn’t fully show all of Waterparks’ creative side musically, FANDOM was able to. FANDOM heavily focused on more emotional songs such as Worst and Turbulent. Awsten delved into his emotions more in FANDOM and I strongly do believed he did because of Entertainment. Entertainment gave him the space and opportunity to explore his emotions, but to a certain degree. TANTRUM was by far the loudest song off the album and Awsten truly showed his emotions in it. I’m express on how much Awsten and Waterparks has grown for the past couple of years. Awsten has grown in expressing himself in his music and I truly believe he found his voice in FANDOM thanks to the help of Entertainment