"Adore You"- Harry Styles Review

Written by: Julie Vega

With the cryptic tweets from the unknown island of Eroda to the release of the music video,Harry Styles delivered with this latest single ‘Adore You’ off of his new album Fine Line. Styles and his marketing team put together a well done storyline for the music video, as they created a fake island named Eroda. For that reason, the hype for Adore You grew in numbers and did successful the day of its release. The simple and catchy beats introduce Adore You in a simple, yet unique matter. As the music video explores Eroda, we are also introduced to Harry. Eroda is filled with normal, monotone individuals while Harry is born with a literal bright smile. He deals with being ignored as he doesn’t follow the island’s norms of being the same. As he finds himself ready to leave Eroda, a fish comes up on the surface. Harry helps the fish and takes it back home. He finds himself connected to the fish as they’re both dealing with similar issues. As Harry’s care for the fish grows, so does the fish. Now realizing that the fish needs to join its family, he decides to take it back to the sea. Trouble falls and he struggles to carry the fish back into the sea. The islanders take notice and help Harry. In the end, the islanders start to smile and break the norms of Eroda. The video itself was odd and, at first, the message wasn’t clear. Harry mentioned in an interview with Entercom  that Adore You discusses the feeling of “bliss...very joyous connection with someone.” In this scenario, the fish represents someone Harry felt a strong connection with and wanted to give them all the love he can. The lyrics are simple and straight to the point of wanting to do everything in your control to help someone. Style’s angelic vocals gave the song a peaceful sensation. However, the lead up to Adore You was nothing but peaceful. The discovery of Eroda started when @TheBrotographer on Twitter started a thread on an ad he saw. At first, everyone came to the conclusion that it was an ARG, an alternate reality game. However, there was no links on the site leading to a game or any information at all to support this theory. One theory came out as this island was just a scam to trick travelers. However, the site didn’t have ads to receive money nor was there links to contribute any money at all. This then lead to many conspiracy Youtubers, such as Nexpo, to deep analyze Eroda. However, it was left with more questions than answers. As the descriptions of the attractions on the island were oddly specific, for example, to not leave the island on an odd day. The theories were flying everywhere and nothing was leading to a concrete answer. It was then theorized that the website was promotion for Harry’s new single. Not everyone was on board with this and went back to theorizing. With all the theories going around, Youtuber Inside A Mind did an analysis of Eroda and brought all theories to the table. Again, not everyone was sure if Harry and his team were really behind this. Harry, not only captured the eyes of theorists, but also a new audience entirely. His marketing team knew exactly that this will capture Style’s audience of young adults. With how Eroda was discovered, it caused discussion and even a viral twitter trend to make its rounds to the Youtube Community. The production behind Adore You was not only unique, but also fantastic. The single itself is an upbeat and pleasant song with an interesting twist. Creating Eroda was a great touch to promote Harry’s single and I’m excited to hear his newest album. I highly suggest checking out the music video and listening to Adore You!